ATM SCAM EXPOSED: Netizen Discovers Tampered BPI ATM In BGC

Not all ATMs look the same so how can I tell if one I am using has been tampered with?

A Facebook user who goes by the name FJ Castle shares his discovery that we should take a closer look at the ATMs we use.His post about discovering a tampered ATM behind Fully Booked and near the W Global Centre Building in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig has been shared multiple times. He revealed that he made the discovery at 9:30pm on Tue, Dec 2.

ATM SCAM EXPOSED: Netizen Discovers BPI ATM In BGC Has Been Tampered
ATM SCAM EXPOSED: Netizen Discovers BPI ATM In BGC Has Been Tampered
On his Facebook post he said:

To everyone who withdrew at Bpi Atm Behind FullyBooked near W-Building at Bgc Today I recommend you change your Pin Numbers as this atm was discovered to be tampered as of today Dec2 2014.

I took these photos Myself Which shows a dummy Keypad with Chips to record the pin and an apparatus on the card slot area with a chip to record card details.

Guys Change your pins As this was only discovered around 9:30 Pm Dec 2 2014.

And im not sure how long ago this atm was tampered with.

Guys this can happen to any Atm regardless of which bank it is so always be cautious and check before you withdraw.

There are several instances you may encounter this cash machine fraud and more often these activities are closely monitored by gangs from a distance.

Cash claw machines may be inserted into the cash drawer rollers where cash gets dispensed and stop money coming out of machine.

Card trapping devices which involved a bent bit of metal or plastic sleeve, which keeps a card back.

Any such ATM scam may involve someone approaching the victim with a deceptively friendly air when, say, the card is jammed in the machine. They are likely to allege that the same thing has just happened to them. They may advise the victim to go into the bank, in which case they will take their spoils and disappear before the cardholder comes back. Or they may suggest the cardholder puts in the PIN again while they’re watching. Then once the victim leaves minus the card and having given away the pin their bank account is compromised.

Or a machine may be fitted with a skimmer that acts as a card reader to hack the material on the magnetic stripe. This will be used in conjunction with a pinhole camera or via shoulder surfing with someone communicating in some other way details to the gang and which will then form the ingredients for a fake card.

Most fraudulent devices such as tiny pinhole cameras overlooking the key pad and the other contraptions mentioned are craftily disguised and not visible to the naked eye.

To protect yourself from this kind of fraud and ATM skimming, we encourage you to always check the machine for evidence of tampering or anything that looks suspicious. Always put personal safety first and do not get involved with such criminals on the ground.

News source (s): Kickerdaily, AdoboTalkph

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