Are Aliens Causing Volcanic Eruptions On Earth? Watch Video Evidence

It is unbelievable, but conspiracy theorists claim the aliens are monitoring us as well as causing geophysical activity on our planet. They say volcanic eruption event can be the best way of seeing extra-terrestrial craft.

The claim comes after the recent Mount Shindake volcanic eruption in Japan’s Kuchinoerabu Island. In a video footage, now available on YouTube, of the same some alien chasers believed the eruption was watched by a ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ (UFO) from the skies.

Mount Shindake was dormant for 34 years before erupting in August 2014. Friday’s eruption is considered as a surprise.

In the video footage the researchers claim also shows alien craft in the wake of the eruption and they believe it cannot be a coincidence.

According to UFO hunter Paul Seaburn, volcanic eruption site is one of the predictable places to see a UFO and one such was spotted recently on Friday when it was passing the Mount Shindake eruption.

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