“Annabelle” The Evil Doll Prank: Funny Or Just Fatal Heart Attack? You Judge!

Ever since that movie “Annabelle,” the evil doll, living dolls have haunted lots of people for awhile now. Admittedly pranks are funny, and pranking adults or young adults is even funnier. A Brazilian TV show presented a prank show to scare some house-keeper hired to clean the house. The old lady on the video states that the house owners would come back from a trip after they lost their child, so they need the house clean.

If this was actually real and situation like this could happen to me, no doubt I would be dead because I wouldn’t panic and attempt to run, but instead I would just stand there and laugh like a big tough guy and think it was fake until the doll bites my head off.

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Not convinced? Watch the video below, then feel guilty for laughing.

What do you think?

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Written by Marc Tiu


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