Angelica Panganiban holds a grudge against Angel Locsin?

Well, we all thought that they are in good terms but apparently it’s not?

In her Twitter account on Tuesday, Angelica Panganiban tweeted: “Te… Ang comedy, may tamang pasok… Wag mo ipilit… Sakit na ng ulo namin..”

Although in her Twitter post she did not reveal anyone, some Twitter users believed she was talking about Angel Locsin, with whom she had a misunderstanding in the past. Locsin has been a guest co-host on “It’s Showtime” since Monday and Panganiban’s tweet was posted during the Tuesday airing of the noontime show.

Angelica holds a grudge against Angel?
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  When confronted by a Twitter user if she was referring to Locsin, Panganiban said: “Agad?!” She also told a netizen to just move on and stop making an issue about her and the “The Legal Wife” star.

“Haha! Ikaw kaya mag move on. Affected,” she told one Twitter user.

Allegedly the miscommunication started from an incident during the shoot of their movie “One More Try” in 2012. According to media reports, Locsin was hurt after Panganiban slapped her hard and pulled her hair in one of their confrontation scenes.

In an interview, Panganiban was honest enough to share that she and Locsin did not become close friends after filming “One More Try,” but stated she is hoping that they will have more time to “bond” in the future.

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