Amazing Behavior: Dog Rings Bell When Hungry (Check Video)

This dog won’t bark if gets hungry. He instead rings the bell to get food. He keeps ringing until he gets food.

In the video embedded below a bulldog could be seen pressing a bell, and it is his way of demanding food. He keeps on pressing until he gets a snack.

Isn’t the dog seems very determined in the footage? He waits for the second course too and keeps continuing with the bell until it becomes available. Don’t wait to believe that soon he will become a diva if everything continues in the same way.

Some may remember a similar story of some 125 years ago in 1890s when psychiatrist Ivan Pavlov managed to train the dogs the other way. He made his dogs in firm control of the bell. He managed to get them salivating immediately after he pressed the bell.

H/T: Metro

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Written by Barbie Perez

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