Albino’s Killed Like Animals For Body Parts Used In Potions

For more than a decade Tanzania has not been safe for Albinos. They have been murdered, attacked and chopped off their limbs. Reason? Something which is not sensible and not accepted in this century of course.

It is reported the body parts of such white skinned humans are sold to witch doctors. They use it to make potions that is said to bring luck and wealth for a person.

Albino's Killed Like Animals For Body Parts Used In Potions

Albinos are those humans and animals who are born with Albinism congenital disorder, either partial absense of skin pigment or full. From toe to head they have white skin with pink eyes. Such people are prone to skin cancer and sunburn.

Albino's Killed Like Animals For Body Parts Used In Potions

Recently police in Tanzania rescued a 6-year-old girl Margareth Khamis who was kidnapped by her uncle to be sold to a witch doctor. Money involved for selling albinos is too high, as much as $75,000 for whole body, and this attracts even the well wisher to get involved in a crime.

Data say there have been at least 75 murders and many kidnapping of albinos in Tanzania in past 15 years. In March 2015 at least 200 witch doctors and other involved have been arrested in the country.

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Written by Barbie Perez


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