[WATCH] A Perfect Duet With Lea Salonga and An Extraordinary Audience

He grew up dreaming of playing the role of the famous Disney character Aladdin. He made several auditions but never got the chance to bag the role.

Who would’ve thought that four years after he decided to stop on his dream, he would one day share a stage with Lea Salonga, the Broadway star who provided the voice of Princess Jasmine in the animated movie, ‘Aladdin’.

Meet Jared Young, an aspiring stage actor, half Samoan/half Caucasian guy, who shouted “LEA, PICK ME!” when she asked the audience for a volunteer to sing “A Whole New World” with her during her concert at BYU De Jong Concert Hall in Utah in 2011.

A Perfect Duet With Lea Salonga and An Extraordinary Audience
Image from @jaredmauga Instagram
I was grinning the whole time while watching the video he uploaded on his own Youtube channel. He obviously can’t hide his thrill and excitement as he was all smiles all throughout the performance. Who wouldn’t be? He’s been dreaming to perform alongside Lea Salonga for many years and it finally came true. And he nailed it. It was a perfect duet despite some parts where he struggled with some words. But it was still perfect.

A Perfect Duet With Lea Salonga and An Ordinary Audience

Even Lea Salonga herself was blown away.

“I’ve been singing ‘A Whole New World’ and calling up someone from the audience for, I don’t know, 6 or so years, and I never know what to expect. Cos I’ve had it go really, really, really great like tonight and I’ve had it go really, really, really not so great. And it’s always wonderful when the guy comes up here is actually really, really good so Jared, thank you!” Lea told the audience in the video.

Well, dreams do really come true.

Check out the video that has already reached more than 1 million views as of this writing and it is still growing.

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