23 Eerie And Awesome Abandoned Movie Sets (We Can’t Believe #22)

While watching a movie you hardly ever care to imagine that the filming was carried out on a movie set somewhere. Yet, there are several movie sets which have been left abandoned long after the movie was wrapped up, launched and made on DVDs.

Here we are going to see some of these abandoned movie sets, most of which are quite eerie or peculiar. From Popeye’s Village in Malta, to Hobbiton in New Zealand, you can still take tours of these locations. Then there are more unsettling abandoned movie sets such as the diner from ‘Looper’, the creepy town Spectre from ‘Big Fish’, and Bates Motel in Aldergrove. There are several others which you will either enjoy checking out personally, or else feel somewhat less inclined to visit because they are actually quite creepy.


When you say Star Wars, most people think of galaxies far far away. But all these exotic planets from the movies were filmed on earth. Four of the Star Wars movies were partially filmed in southern Tunisia (the planet Tatooine in the movies) and the good thing is that many of the locations are still in relative good state.

Anakin Skywalker’s home

Medenine is the major town in southeastern Tunisia. The main attraction in Medenine is Ksar Medenine, an ancient Berber fortified granary. North of Ksar Medenine is the granary that acted as the slave quarters in Episode I.

22 Eerie And Awesome Abandoned Movie Sets (We Can't Believe #22
Skywalker Alley (Photo by Bernard Gagnon)

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Written by Barbie Perez

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