21 Shocking Pinoy Fitness Transformations

Whoever goes to the gym dreams of a great transformation, but unfortunately it is generally not the case.

21 Shocking Pinoy Fitness Transformations

But here we can share some truly awesome gym transformation, which are real not fake. Check out the following photos to see the before and after results. Some ended up with great figures and even a body fit for a bodybuilder!

Thanks to Rendon Labador, a fitness model and a brand influencer. Of course, we all know how he takes care of his body by making the gym his home the past few years.


Currently, Labador is spearheading a “STRONGMAN CHALLENGE 2016” event which is to spread the positivity of life through fitness. The event is not only for the athletes as it is a venue for all fitness enthusiasts.

So, if you are considering going to the gym I suggest you check out these photos so as to keep them as motivational examples at the back of your mind! Maybe you can do it too!

#1 Hikiro Muroyama 1 year transformation

Hikiro Muroyama 1 year transformation

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Written by Marc Tiu

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