15 Live Maggots Removed From Girl’s Gums

A visit to the dentist is definitely not something that anyone looks forward. A routine check-up is still as scary as a tooth extraction to some. No wonder sedation dentistry was invented! However, having a dental procedure such as the one that is shown in this video clip is certainly more dramatic!

Here we can see a ten year old girl, Ana Cardoso from Brazil who had been complaining that there seemed to be something moving around in her gums for several days. He mother eventually took he to the dentist because no matter how much she brushed her teeth, she still kept feeling the strange wriggling movements inside her gums.

The dentist checked Ana’s gums and realized that she suffered from a rare type of oral myiasis, whereby due to an infection fly larva grew in the tissue of her gums. His condition is mostly common in regions where there is a warm climate, areas where there is poverty and people who suffer from wounds to the face. Unfortunately Ana was one of these people, and she had to have 15 live maggots removed from her gums! It is sickening and quite nauseating, but it is true!

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