11 Must Do Rules of Body-Building

We all wish we could have those amazing bodies models have. Some of us, however, do not just aspire to have ordinarily toned bodies; we want to be muscular like the guys we see in the bodybuilding competitions.

Like everything, there are some simple rules we need to follow in order to achieve the goal.

Here are the 11 most important rules:
1. Avoid overdoing intensity techniques. It is best to use such mehods more sparingly.
2. Lift your own weights
3. Avoid training on an empty stomach.
4. Get a proper amount of sleep so that your body will be regenerated and fit.
5. Avoid making silly excuses. If you give up mentally you are going to have negative effects physically.
6. Do not be afraid to try out the tougher exercises.
7. Avoid engaging in light training all the time.
8. More is not always better. It is better to go for less but do them well.
9. Do not rely on drugs.
10. Avoid jumping from one routine to another.
11. And most importantly; Keep yourself motivated so that you never quit.

11 Must Do Rules of Body-Building

Reference, Image source: MD

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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