Would you celebrate No Panty Day on June 22?

Would you celebrate No Panty Day? Do not be surprised if you see ‘No Panty Day’ all over your newsfeed and timeline tomorrow.

Yes, June 22 is No Panty Day.

Would you celebrate No Panty Day?

Surely, this will be all over Facebook and Twitter on Sunday as anonymous group of people has declared June 22nd as ‘No Panty Day’. This started 2 years ago and has been kept alive since then.

On the said day, the ladies are encouraged to liberate themselves from the social taboo, both literally and figuratively. Women will spend their day not wearing any panty and everyone is challenged to act as if there’s nothing strange about it. A celebration of freedom, they say.

With the obvious appeal of ‘No Panty Day’, it is not a surprise that the online world is buzzing about it. And though some says it’s just a hoax, looks like this is going to be a tradition that will stay for long.

Would you celebrate No Panty Day tomorrow?