“Wattpad Presents: Lady in Disguise” Starring Eula Caballero, Steven Silva & Bret Jackson

Eula Caballero, Steven Silva and Bret Jackson star on “Wattpad Presents: Lady in Disguise” which is set to premiere at 9:00pm on April 6 to 10, 2015, only on TV5.

WATTPAD PRESENTS will be ushering the month of April by depicting how far a person can go in pursuing one’s happiness when it comes to love. TV5 delivers the TV adaptation of one of the most followed stories written by blue_maiden, now with 1.1 million reads and 17.2k votes on Wattpad, in WATTPAD PRESENTS “Lady in Disguise”.

Steven Silva teams up with Eula Caballero to add life to the characters of Kyle and Mika/Miko, respectively. Fresh from her breakup, Mika comes up with the perfect plan to win back the heart of Marco (Brett Jackson), the guy who suddenly left her, even if it means she has to enrol herself in an “all boy school” and pretend to be a guy named “Miko”. Just as Mika thinks that she has actually gotten away with her plan, her roommate Kyle (Steven), accidentally discovers her secret. Mika is forced to confess to Kyle that she is doing it all in order to win back Marco.