WATCH: British Documentary presents The Beauty Of The Philippines

A terrible earthquake destroyed everything in its direction in the Philippines. Soon after, an outrageous typhoon in the history of mankind hit the Philippines and left an image of powerful destruction leaving thousands of people homeless. Many of them have given up however the Filipino spirit is always around to pick us up and make the best out of was was considered one of the worst disasters in the Philippines and in the world.

British Documentary presents The Beauty Of The Philippines

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released a documentary depicting the best of the Philippines, from the wealthy culture to the indisputably happy-go-lucky Filipinos. As travel host Rajan Datar notes, “The Filipinos live to entertain and be entertained.” Do you agree?

If the Philippines was not on your bucket list till now, you might just consider and make a reservation after you watch this BBC documentary that shows off the best of the Philippines like you have never seen before.

Watch the full episode here!