Warning Spoilers: Top 10 Things To Know About ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 And Terminus

The ‘Walking Dead’ presents how different this show is from the normal Zombie movie. With realistic character development, a talented writer and fantastic work by the actors in this season, there’s a story that was darkly beautiful, heartbreaking and yet touching. Everything was spot on down to the great sound effects, lighting and other special effects. We need more shows that can find this rare and perfect balance.

Obviously, the zombies aren’t the main story here, they are a catalyst, and an ever present threat, but the people make an interesting story. H/T: IBTimes

Warning Contains Spoilers: Top 10 Things To Know About ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 And Terminus
Top 10 Things To Know About ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 And Terminus ©AMC

1. Season 5 Episode 1 Synopsis

In the Season 5 premiere, titled “No Sanctuary,” viewers will find the truth about the “true motives” of the Terminus people.

2. First 4 Minutes Of The Season 5 Premiere Cannibal Scene?

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premiere features quite possibly the most disturbing scene in the history of the series — cannibal rumors that have been circulating.

3. Gareth

Terminus leader Gareth (Andrew J. West) is considered to be the The Governor 2.0.

4. There Will Be — More Killing Off Characters

“The Walking Dead” has a history of killing off characters, but the body count was kept pretty low in Season 4: but it’s a different story in Season 5.

5. Carol And Daryl

Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) were separated for most of Season 4 after Rick banished the longtime group member. Rick never got a chance to fully explain to Daryl what happened, but her estrangement from Daryl and the others “will be felt throughout the season.

6. More Comic-Book Scenes

Fans of “The Walking Dead” graphic novels will be happy to know the new season will feature events from the comics.

7. Gross Zombies

This season AMC boasts more zombies to the next level.

8. Season 5 New Location

“The Walking Dead” will continue to introduce new set locations.

9. Father Gabriel

Comic-book character Father Gabriel will be part of the season. Fans are speculating the new character, who will be played by “The Wire” alum Seth Gilliam, will be tied into Beth’s mysterious kidnapping. In the graphic novels, Father Gabriel is a former pastor who locked his church doors and left those seeking sanctuary to be eaten alive by walkers.

10. Daryl Gets Engaged

Daryl will be a taken man in Season 5.

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