Viral Photo: Drunk Teen Party Goer Molested By Drinking Buddies [UPDATED]

A photo showing an unidentified teen girl apparently was pretty drunk dancing and being molested by the group of boys is currently making the rounds online.

In an article appeared on SocialTrendsPH website, claiming that the photo was taken from one of the most-visited bars in Bacolod City along Lacson Street. Some say it was taken from wet and wild party which is also common for party goers in the city.

THE Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) is investigating the “sexual abuse” allegedly committed by a group of men on a female teenager whose photo became a trending topic on social media.

Inspector Jinky Lou Ramos, chief of WCPD, said they are still validating if the incident really happened in Bacolod and if the victim is still a minor, Sun Star reported.

Meanwhile a post from Pilipinas Underground, explaining and apologizing for this viral photo.

Here is their full statement:

PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND would like to apologize about the viral picture roaming around the social networking sites recently. This photo was taken from the DYNAMIC PULSE Party of Playmate Nation held in Marikina last February 14, 2015. The organizers of the said event is NOT LEGIT and REGISTERED under PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND, as one of the organization governing and protecting all productions over Metro Manila. We have sets of rules and policies to limit and secure not only the event itself but the patron as well. The organization has no idea about this. As much as we want to make a peaceful, respectful, and enjoyable events we do not have the power to control youths nowadays in creating parties like being mentioned above. Hence, we are calling the attention of all “party goers” to be keen fully in attending parties that are NOT LEGIT and REGISTERED production under PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND. Soon enough, we will seek the help of the authorities to elimate and vanquish this kind of organizers in the field. We, the PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND, is looking forward for your deep understanding and active participation to this advocacy.
Please spread. Thank you!
-Pilipinas Underground Council

Let’s bear in mind that something like this could happen on different bars, campus, at any party places, wet or dry. Unless we address how teen or young adults drinking culture has evolved in response to the very regulations designed to control it, incidents like this are not going to go away. Responsible drinking is a must especially when you are in a public place because you wouldn’t know when other people will take advantage of your situation when you get too drunk.

Our personal view is that people should be held responsible for the choices we make when voluntarily intoxicated. If we get drunk and go out for a drive, our intoxication is not an excuse — it’s an element of a crime. Drunkenness impairs judgment, but we know that and bear moral responsibility for actions we take when our judgement is impaired due to our own choices. Obviously, it would be a different story if were drugged against our will or knowledge.

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  • Giusseppe

    Are you honestly blaming the victim? Being drunk is her choice, being molested is not! Maybe you should point out that those guys are ass holes for doing that to her instead?????

    • pinky

      i think she kinda deserves a lesson. thinking that this kind of things are cool…just my opinion

    • Nobody Nobody

      i don’t know where you from , but in philipines this is very normal case and in philipines they all know how danger is there , but they still choice to druck outside… that’s why Victim beeing blame , she give another people “chance” to molest her self… all we can say is she deserve it..

  • kermit

    maawa ako sa babae at the same time maasar, mas maasar ako sa mga lalaking mapagsamantala. On the other hand magsilbing leksyon yan sa mga tao.

  • andreww

    maging aral. kasi ang kababaihan ngayon malalaks pa uminom. hindi nmn nilalahat. ganun pa man kawawa ung girl

  • PF

    Buti nga, mukhang nasarapan naman sya.

  • camri2015

    u get what u deserve girl!

  • Nicco Canuto

    may mali din nmn ung babae alm nya nmn na marming rapist ngaun d sna sya nglasing buti buhay p sya…

    • Raymart Faustino

      Idol san ba pwedeng panuorin?

  • Cham

    Lol leave it to the commenters to be compete pieces of shit, just like the dudes in this picture. Hint guys, maybe rape and sexual assault is wrong no matter the situation?

  • asdfghjkl

    Bagay yan ng girl! dahil kung ayaw niyang mamolestya! bakit siya pupunta sa isang bar t makikipag laplapan kung kani kanino! ginusto niya yan! tangina niya!

  • newguineicebeer_2009

    nakkalungkot kasi noon ang kabataan namamana ng babae ang galing ng ina sa pag luluto..pero ngayon namamamana ng babae ang lakas sa pag inom ng kanyang ama..

    • cv

      so what if a girl likes to drink? let her drink as much as she wants. men should be able to responsibly handle their urges and desires and not violate other people’s rights mga walang hiyang gago

      • newguineicebeer_2009

        i know you are a woman and you definitely need some advise..I believe in a democracy and gender equality where women are now equal to men and women can do what the men is capable of doing. social drinking is okay but going wild is different .while looking at the photo above, let me tell you one story

        One day the father took a good look on her daughter who is drunk and wearing a very revealing clothes. Then she sat down on his lap and said something that she will never forget. The father looked straight in her eyes and said, “Everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them.”

        He looked at her daughter with serious eyes. “Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.”

  • Joy

    Kawawa nmn yung girl mga hayop talaga mga lalaki mga salot sa lipunan

    • Anti-Corrupt Si Ako

      malaki ang galit mo sa mga lalaki no? wag masyadong judgmental….

  • Doc

    She did not deserve this treatment! No one deserves to be molested!… To all those who said that she did, F.U., I dare you to say those words, if this happened to your own sister or even your own child…

    • Pepitomanaloto

      I wouldn’t let my sister or child to go there alone in the first place.

  • AnonAtDisqus

    bakit kasi nagpupunta sa mga wild and wet parties, ano ba ang hinahanap nila? ang dami namang mga desenteng inuman parehas lang din ng presyo

  • Sore inom

    Coommon sense deserve nya yan dahil malandi sya Kung di k nmn tanga I inom ka magisa

    • Pakielamera

      Ito ang sa mga pinakatangang comment na nabasa ko. Ito parati yung sinasabi. Ano bang akala mo, ng mga taong katulad mo sa mga lalaki? Hayop? Walang pagiisip na umaasa lang sa tawag ng kalibugan? Hindi mga aso ng mg kalalakihan na kapag may nakitang pagkain ay lalapain na ito agad. May isip ang mga yan. At kung talagang tao ang mga nangmolestya sa babaeng yan Hindi nila dapat yan ginawa kahit lasing yung babae. Uminom lang, malandi na? Wag mong dagdagan ang istorya ng mga hinala mo.

  • Investigator64

    The bitch deserves it. Mukhang nasarapan naman sya!

    • v

      NO ONE DESERVES TO GET MOLESTED. kung gusto niyang uminom she should be able to without the fear of other people violating her

  • Maxtwn252

    Kasalanan din ng girl pero mas kasalanan ng mga boys bat di nila pinigalan sarili nila

  • Xanthippe

    In all honesty why the fuck would you even go near those guys in the first place? The guy with the bars on his face looks like a rapist. I mean if I see guys who look like that in parties I would leave. I’m not victim blaming but cmon those people scream rapists to me. I can’t imagine those ugly ass hands touching and caressing me… I really feel sorry for the girl.

  • Mylene Nillo Villamorel

    The name of the bar can describe what kind of party will happen in there,,,be careful in going to places as such or better not.