VIRAL: Fox News Calls Out PH For The ‘Laglag Bala’ Incidents

VIRAL: Fox News Calls Out PH For The 'Laglag Bala' Incidents

WATCH: The Philippines may get mad at me, but this airport bullet planting scam deserves to be called out! [please like my facebook page Greta Van Susteren for updates on this story, share this post, and comment below the video]

Susteren, who is traveling overseas next week, said her Filipino-American friend tipped her off that international travelers were “being targeted by Filipino airport security officials who plant live ammunition in their luggage.”

“This scam is all part of a plot to extort money out of the international traveler,” the anchor said.

She mentioned that 30 cases of ammunition-related incidents have been recorded in the last 12 months while five international passengers have been arrested in the past two weeks.

Filipino commenters agreed with the news anchor stating that they were grateful for this “Laglag Bala” expose.

Check out some of the striking comments below:

-Yes I am a Filipino but I feel so bad of what they are doing! So shameful that our very own countrymen does this operation! Wake up MR. President! What’s wrong with you people???? I will not be mad at you Greta .. Go girl! I myself is so afraid to go home to my own Country!!!

-I’m a Filipina here and I’m not mad at you…why they making 1 bullet a big controversy..they can just confiscate the bullet and let the poor person pass the immigration since it is pretty obvious that this 1 bullet was just implanted by whoever…nobody wants to be held in the airport and face criminal offense with just 1 bullet…shame on us filipinos…I love the Philippines but I hate how it is being governed by the authorities!

-I am a Filipino… It’s a shame that the government here close their eyes in this matter. It affects filipino lives.

Tourist feared to travel and enjoy the beauty in my motherland. Where the simple folks cause of income is from tourism. Yet government is acting like their eyes are blindfolded, hands are tied, ears are like deaf & lips are mute. Corruption from the government causes why simple employee do some scam and scheme.
High rank government feed their pockets and bank accounts first. They only share their wealth to poor filipinos every election, but not 1/4 of what they have (take note:Total “REAL” net gross not included when you do the math).

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That money…they share…every election… It came from ordinary Filipinos like ME especially OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS! A lot of taxes but no development in this country. Instead it’s getting worse day by day.

Hard working OFW crying every night and day, trying to endure the pain being apart from their love ones. Wanting at least once a year they can spend time with their family or send something for their love ones. Yet fear is what they have inside.
“What if I send this to them, are they going to receive it?”
“What if I go home, and they put bullets in my bag?
I’ll be put in jail?
If They ask money and I give… What about my dad/mom’s medical needs?
my child’s tuition fee?
my husband’s hospitalization?” “Our house?” etc…

Ordinary Filipinos worry about their family needs but fearing fellow citizen and officials in their own motherland. While politicians worry what if they lose during the election. They have no power to continue their illegal operation, drugs, pork barrel, BOC no tax but expensive cars or items. Travel around the world, scandals that can put them or family members into jail.
Don’t worry for those whose in politics. Special treatment will always be serve for big names like you.

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