Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Music Video Offensive According To Rapper

Taylor Swift has just released the video for “Shake It Off”, the first single from her forthcoming pop album “1989.”

Taylor Swift Reveals New Album '1989', Premieres New Single 'Shake It Off'

Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ music video has reached more than four million views in less than 24 hours, but rapper Earl Sweatshirt isn’t happy about her video. In fact, the singer, who admits he hasn’t watched, says Swift is “perpetuating black stereotypes” in the visual, calling the video both “offensive” and “harmful.”

The video features Swift in several characters, dresses up like a cheerleader, ballerina, street dancer and a lot more, but it’s the urban images that really got under the rapper’s skin. She stands at the barre with a group of Swan Lake ballerinas, jumps up and down among breakdancers, emotes in the middle of contemporary dancers and, at one point, crawls underneath a line of Daisy Dukes-wearing twerkers.

A recent interview with ‘Good Morning America,’ she had this to say:

“I feel like for the last two years there’s been sort of a sonic evolution happening and I’ve been experimenting more and more. And I think you have to follow, just this intuition, this gut feeling. As a songwriter, you just write to write a certain kind of music and you don’t know why.”