Robin Williams Sends A Message of Hope For A Woman With Cancer

Actor Robin Williams found dead at age 63

Robin Williams recorded a video sending a message of hope for a terminally-ill 21-year old woman from New Zealand named Vivian Waller, months before his death.

It was a short but a very heartfelt and sweet message.

“Hi Vivian . . . it’s Robin Williams here saying ‘hey girl what’s going on down there in New Zealand’.

“I’m sending all my love to you, Jack and Sophie . . . knock this off your bucket list.”

Vivian Waller is in an Auckland hospice who is suffering lung, bowel and liver cancer. It is part of her bucket list to meet Robin Williams however since she was too ill to go to the United States to meet the actor, one of her friends reached out to Williams and the actor recorded a special message for Vivian.

On the day he died, Waller’s family posted a message on their Facebook page to pay tribute to Williams.

“Today is going to be a very sad day for Vivian , the wonderful man Robin Williams who took the time out to send Vivian and Jack a personal video message has now passed away ….This page recognizes this great man and incredible actor and his fight with depression. RIP Robin”