POLL: Senatorial race 2019

POLL: Senatorial race 2019

All political parties in the country, especially the PDP-Laban administration of President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, are superior in the upcoming elections if we talk about machinery. As a matter of fact, the PDP-Laban leadership has almost led the provinces and other remote areas to introduce their local candidates, especially those who want to run as senators.

But that does not mean that when you are relying on Digong’s party it is certain that they will win in May 2019 elections. Still a major factor is the popularity and skill of a candidate to win an election. Note that only 12 candidates need to be elected to the midterm poll so it is considered to be ‘tight’ for new candidates entering the so-called Magic 12.

Who do you think deserves to land the spot in Magic 12? It’s time to seize the moment in the Philippines! We encourage you to use your voice. Please upvote your favourite candidates below.

Sara Duterte, Erwin Tulfo, 'Bato' pasok sa "Magic 12"

Sara Duterte, Erwin Tulfo, ‘Bato’ pasok sa “Magic 12”

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