PBB All In: Vickie breaks down over boyfriend and estranged father’s visit

PBB All In: Vickie breaks down over boyfriend and estranged father’s visit

Viewers burst in tears when Vickie breaks down inside PBB house.

Vickie Rushton broke down in tears when 2 men in her life came to visit her inside PBB House. All these happened during their weekly task to stay still at specified moments, with only three chances for error for the whole week.

It was actor Jason Abalos, Vickie’s boyfriend, who came in first, after Big Brother asked him to deliver a letter to Vickie from her estranged dad Eric. Jason was emotional inside the confession room since he has not seen her for more than a month. He also cried over Vickie’s relationship with his father, which he said has been a baggage for Vickie for a long time.

Vickie hugged the actor, thinking it was fine since she heard Jason said he asked permission from Big Brother. Unfortunately, it was just a bluff giving the housemates their first error for the week.

Everyone were giggling and laughing when Jason Abalos left. But when it was time for Vickie’s father to get in to talk to his daughter, Vickie and most of the housemates broke down in tears.

PBB All In: Vickie breaks down over boyfriend and estranged father’s visit

In previous episodes of PBB, Vickie shared that she was not in good terms with his father. She admitted getting angry with him when he left her and her mother without explanation when she was in Grade 2. Her father sent her a letter when she was in college to tell her the reason why he left. But until Thursday’s episode, Vickie has not read the letter.

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During the visit, Eric hugged and kissed his daughter several times and assured her of his love, despite being absent from her life for so long.

I want you to know that you are very much loved, always. Be sure of my love, darling. Be sure. I wish for you every happiness. Happiness with contentment & love.

Eric confessed that he regrets leaving his daughter, but added that he is happy with how she has grown up a beautiful and decent woman.

During the PBB teaser for the Friday episode, it shows that Vickie has decided to read her father’s letter. Tears would flow again in tonight’s episode.

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