PBB All In: Team 2 and A Half saved from eviction

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Three more housemates were assured of one week stay inside Kuya’s house after winning the second all out challenge in Wednesday’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother.

Nichole Barranda already got the first slot when she won the first all out challenge. Daniel Matsunaga, Vickie Rushton and Maris Racal joins her as housemates who can’t be nominated from eviction this weekend.

PBB All In: Team 2 and A Half saved from eviction

Big Brother gave them the challenge to create the longest possible line, with a twist. It has to be built vertically using all the available materials inside the house.

Daniel’s group, Team 2 and A Half stacked bulky objects as their tower base and added other materials such as jugs, water gallons, basons and pots on top. Matsunaga’s group won as their tower beat out the closest challengers by over 50 feet by measuring 212.4 feet.

Find out who will be  the next group that will be safe from eviction this week on PBB Primetime Thursday episode.

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