PBB ALL IN #PBBAttacKeyk: Daniel Matsunaga gets the instant save

Daniel Matsunaga has another shot to be in the Big 4 of PBB All In.

PBB ALL IN #PBBMondayPasabog: Daniel Matsunaga gets evicted, but does not leave the house yet

This is after he won in the challenge against the other Bodega Housemates – Jane, Vickie and Manolo who were all named ‘fake evictees’ for this week.

Bodega housemates made their own tools to unlit 100 candles on the cake and the housemates inside the house need to protect all the candles.

Vickie had the lowest getting only 26 candles, Jane got 42, Manolo got 82 and Daniel got the most number of candles, getting a total of 87.

Jane, Manolo and Vickie will still have to face each other in another battle to get an instant save.