PBB All In: Maris Racal, Singing Sunshine of Davao

PBB All In: Maris Racal, Singing Sunshine of Davao

9 years since its first airing on Philippine TV, ABS-CBN’s top rating reality show Pinoy Big Brother has already spawned a lot of big names in showbiz.

We have Sam Milby, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Robi Domingo and Melai Cantiveros to name a few. Indeed, PBB has become one of the successful stepping-stones for aspiring actors and actresses in the country.

Months after PBB All In (current edition) aired, several episodes have shown that this season will not be an exception to the talents that this program can produce. And one that stands out is one of the teen housemates, Maris Racal, a 16-year old charming girl form Davao. She’s been nominated twice but has also been saved on both instances. A proof that as early now, she already has strong and loyal followers.

She’s charming and pretty.

PBB All In: Maris Racal, Singing Sunshine of Davao

She can act.


She can dance.

She can sing.

She ain’t Singing Sunshine of Davao for nothing.

And who would agree that Maris and Manolo look cute together? A love team, perhaps.


It seems that she has all the right ingredients to a become a future gem in showbiz. She just needs to have the staying power to survive the stiff competition in the industry.

Do you think Maris deserves to be part of the Big 4? Or probably be the Big Winner? And do you think Maris has what it takes to be the next big star?