PBB All In: Jaxel or Joshane?

PBB All In Jaxel or Joshane

PBB All In Jaxel or Joshane

They were Kuya’s first two housemates. Axel was the first who went inside Big Brother’s house. Jane came in next after the surprise announcement in noontime variety show ASAP. Who would’ve thought that after their short and timid introductions, they will become very close inside the house? Everyone noticed their closeness and a budding sweet friendship. A lot of PBB fanatics started to love them, so much,  that Jaxel fans was born. Fan pages all over Facebook were made. And they’ve become trending topic on Twitter as well.

But when Axel became the second evictee,  there came Joshane. Housemates and PBB viewers immediately noticed Joshua and Jane’s closeness soon after Axel’s eviction. Joshua was initially linked to Loisa, both teens being constantly teased by their housemates. When Axel went out, Joshua  turned to Jane as his new ‘bestfriend’. And despite frequent reminders from some housemates and even Big Brother himself to lessen their closeness, nothing seems to stop their growing friendship.

Will Jaxel fans remain strong for Jane and Axel? Or should they give up and give in to Joshane just like what Axel’s tweet seems to say:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.44.59 PMWill Joshua and Jane’s ‘friendship’ remain strong and develop into something more than friendship ? Will Joshane fans continue to support them?

Who gives you more ‘kilig’ , Jaxel or Joshane?