MY BFF premieres on June 30 before 24 Oras on GMA

MY BFF premieres on June 30

GMA Network presents MY BFF which is set to premiere on June 30, an original drama series about friendship and family. It will replace My Love from the Star before 24 Oras.

MY BFF premieres on June 30

This child-friendly program highlights the value of family togetherness, and the joy of having each and every member of the household by our side.

Set to touch the hearts of the viewers are two of the network’s lovable child stars Jillian Ward and Mona Louise Rey. Jillian plays the role of Chelsea who is a smart, cheerful, courageous and compassionate best friend to Mona (Rachel), a kind-hearted introvert who is often the target of school bullies.

MY BFF premieres on June 30 | Joining Jillian and Mona are two of GMA’s talented artists and one of the favorite loveteam icons in the 80s – Manilyn Reynes andJanno Gibbs. Manilyn as Lyn and Janno as Christian, who will work together for the first time in a drama series on Philippine TV, are both ecstatic to star in MY BFF which they consider their reunion project after so many years.