Miranda Kerr Pregnant With Justin Biebers Baby

Miranda Kerr is rumoured to be pregnant with Justin Bieber’s Baby, stated in a Tabloid Report.

After Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom feud was over, now another news comes out an awesomely shameless report from Star magazine claiming that Miranda is secretly knocked up by the Justin Bieber.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

According to a tabloid report, the Australian model is secretly pregnant with the Canadian pop star’s baby. Star Magazine reported about an apparent feud between Bieber and Orlando Bloom as a result of an alleged love triangle among the three. Kerr dated the British actor since 2007 and got married in July 2010. Kerr gave birth to Bloom’s son in 2011.

This maybe difficult to imagine that Miranda Kerr might have had sex with Justin Bieber. It’s an unfair world and we’ll just have to accept that according to an entertainment website.

Miranda Kerr is not affected with these rumours. She has previously been linked with Aussie businessman, James Packer and the Academy Award nominee, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well.