Matt McAndrew Sings “Make It Rain” On The Voice 2014 Season 7 Semifinals Top 5 Live Shows

Matt McAndrew puts his heart and soul into Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain.”

Wow, the first two verses! His soft and fast vibrato, his range and the way he executed his range was remarkable. Matt obviously can sing just about anything and give the song character. He added a little bit of Jim Morrison’s moves and with his loud jacket, made an impression.

This guy is the epitome of unique. Every week he delivers a different and believable performance, and never emulates. This was another fantastic performance, and those runs — absolutely perfect. His vocals and body language were dramatic, and this is the way it is in every performance. Like his others, he pulls you in.

His tone and airy whispered notes, especially ending a lyric are magical.  He doesn’t have the explosive loud gospel vocals or a wide vibrato because he doesn’t need them. He has the wide range, and his beautiful tone is a signature. We’ll see him in the finale.