Manolo Pedrosa Evicted #PBBHarapangEviction

Manolo Pedrosa has already been evicted from PBB as ‘Bye Manolo’ trends on micro-blogging site Twitter just a few moments after the announcement.

We certainly can not tell (yet) whether Manolo is evicted from Pinoy Big Brother house. It’s going to be a brand new twist this time as he’s about to face the InstaSave challenge.

#PBBHarapangEviction: Manolo Pedrosa

Viewers expected Jane Oineza to be evicted tonight but it was Manolo Pedrosa, known as the wonder son – good boy ng Quezon City who was announced the latest evictee.

The live nomination of PBB on Sunday made such a huge impact online as ‘#PBBHarapangEviction’, ‘#JaneOinezaUntilBigNight’, ‘ALL IN Support For Maris’, ‘Why Maris’ and ‘Bye Manolo’ topped Twitter trending list.