LOOK: Xian Lim’s Special Birthday Message To Kim Chiu

Dearest Kim,

From our first time on screen together, and our first pic outside of work…So much has changed. From being a stranger from all the way across the world, you became someone I can trust, someone who will be there by my side, fighting and conquering battles of everyday life. From a small scene, to a song, then became a movie. From a page, we became a chapter then a book. From 3 people holding a banner sa mga mallshows natin to supporters sa ibat ibang sulok ng mundo.


From strangers, we became family. Sa mga nag babasa nito and you don’t get what I’m trying to say, kindly leave my page. There is no room for negativity or any made up accounts taking up space in this post. What we have is special. YOU are very special. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chinitaprincess Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu. Always remember that if you need a shoulder to cry on, an open ear and a lending hand…I gotchiu

Xian Lim's Special Birthday Message To Kim Chiu