LOOK: Pastor Says Pope Francis Brings Bad Luck

His sentiments are well in good faith, but apparently not directed towards the real culprit here. It's on the government for dramatising too much on the papal visit - holidays, towering cover-ups of slum communities, closed roads, etc – not exactly on the pope itself, and surely not how he would want it to be.

With only hours before the much awaited arrival of Pope Francis in the Philippines on Thursday afternoon, more than a thousand Filipinos who welcomed him at the Villamor Airbase could not hide their excitement.

LOOK: Pastor Says Pope Francis Brings Bad Luck

Parating n daw ang People’s Popoo! Maraming sasalubong upang amuyin ang kanyang masamang amoy!

While some were excited to see the Pope others believe that Pope Francis brings bad luck.

LOOK: Pastor Says Pope Francis Brings Bad Luck

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