[LOOK] Annabelle Rama vs Ruffa Gutierrez In Twitter War

Annabelle Rama and daughter Ruffa Gutierrez got engaged in a Twitter war on Sunday after the feisty mom called the beauty queen’s non-showbiz boyfriend “bastos” during her birthday celebration.

Ruffa took to Twitter to express her disappointment to her mother.

[LOOK] Annabelle Rama vs Ruffa Gutierrez In Twitter War

Ruffa continued with series of tweets explaining why she walked out on her mother’s birthday party and also thanked Sarah Lahbati for being concerned on her.

[LOOK] Annabelle Rama vs Ruffa Gutierrez In Twitter War

On her own Twitter account, Rama replied to her daughter and revealed that the reason for their misunderstanding is Gutierrez’s alleged suitor.

[LOOK] Annabelle Rama vs Ruffa Gutierrez In Twitter War


Rama also posted her own series of tweets stressing that Ruffa seems to have problem distinguishing a responsible partner.

“Hindi ka naman namin pinalaki ng Daddy mo at pinag-aral sa best schools para lang pumatol sa mga P.G,” she says.“Sayang ang beauty mo at pagiging matalino mo. Waste of time yang mga P.G na yan. Mahirap bang humanap ng guy na stable? May degree, businessman, naghahanapbuhay?”

“Palagi mong sinasabi kung bakit ako pumatol sa Daddy mong gwapo. You always compare me to you. Daddy is Handsome, Hardworking and 10 years older than me at marunong mag hanapbuhay.”

Hours after posting tweets about her mom, Gutierrez then tweeted a message about regret and hurting the one she love.

[LOOK] Annabelle Rama vs Ruffa Gutierrez In Twitter War

Gutierrez ended the tweet and said , “You’re feeling sad…remorseful. Yet you remind yourself that you’re just speaking up and taking a stand. After all you’re not 16 anymore”.

What’s your take on Ruffa and Annabelle’s latest Twitter war? Share us your thoughts on the comments below:

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