WATCH: Kathryn Bernardo advises Jane Oineza about the “No Comment” issue

Kathryn Bernardo advises Jane Oineza about the "No Comment" issue

Jane Oineza may not be the favorite amongst housemates but she surely has one of the strongest supporters outside the PBB house.

And so does Kathryn Bernardo. Dubbed as Teen Queen, Kathryn has built solid and huge followers since her Goin’ Bulilit days until she was paired with Teen King Daniel Padilla. Kathniel fans are considered one of the strongest fans club today.

That is why tension built up when rumors about Kathryn undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her facial features surfaced inside the PBB House when teen girls asked celebrity housemate Jane Oineza if it’s real. Her ‘no comment’ answer became controversial sparking some hate and disappointment from some of Kath and Kathniel’s fan.

In an episode aired June 24, Jane Oineza was given the chance to clear the issue as Kathryn, her former co-star, entered the PBB house together with Daniel Padilla.

Kathryn Bernardo advises Jane Oineza about the "No Comment" issue

Jane turned emotional as she said sorry to Kathryn. Jane explained that she only said it because she is not sure if Kathryn underwent a surgery, but heard rumors about the issue.

Kathryn accepted her apology and advised Jane to be careful with her choice of words. She reminded Jane that many people watch the show and many viewers may judge her with her statements. She cautioned Jane that a “No comment” may be misinterpreted as just a hesitation to confirm what is true.

Words of encouragement for Jane and tweets of admiration for Kath were all over Twitter with the trending hashtag #PBBNasayoNaAngLahat.