Is Chinese Pageant Bet Vice Ganda’s New Boyfriend?

Is Chinese Pageant Bet Vice Ganda's New Boyfriend?

Did Coco Martin just reveal the identity of Vice Ganda’s new boyfriend?

Is it true that Vice has already found a new love in the identity of Mr. Chinatown 2014, Kurt Joshua Ong? The two worked together in the comedian’s blockbuster film, The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin.

In an episode of ABS-CBN’s late night comedy show “Gandang Gabi Vice” aired Sunday, it seemed like the ABS-CBN actor gave out clues to the identity of the comedian’s new beau.

The topic of Vice’s love life came up during a discussion about Coco’s performance in the romantic-comedy movie “You’re My Boss. The said “Gandang Gabi Vice” also featured Toni Gonzaga, Coco’s co-star in the movie.

“Magaling yan. Kaya nga inaalagaan ko career n’yan. Manager (ako),” Vice said of Coco.


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