For The Boys Only: Hot UST Professor Will Inspire You To Study More!

A teacher means a great deal to a student. The impression that a teacher makes on the students can work wonders as most students are inspired to no end by their teachers. Teachers can be role models, and if they can give inspiration and encouragement to their students, the effects can be dramatic. Some students tend to be captivated by their teachers’ looks.

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If they are beautiful or handsome, they may be allured by their good looks, and this can have a positive effect on the work and effort that they put in their classes, since they could be working harder so as to make a good impression on the teacher.

At times, the character of the teacher will affect the student. A teacher who is more prone to smiling is going to make a better impression than one who is more prone to sulking or groaning about everything and anything. Here we can see a teacher who is not only beautiful but also inspiring with her smile. She brings youth and freshness to anyone seeing her – and of course, to her students too.

Stephanie Cruz is a professor at the University of Sto. Tomas, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management.


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to live each day with a grateful heart. ❤️🙏⛅️🚣

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