Demi Lovato drops Really Don’t Care Official Music Video

Really Don't Care

Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care” music video has already made its online debut, June 26.

It featured a number of celebrity cameos including her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama at the 2:32 mark.

Really Don't Care

The song was originally written as a break up song but later became a song to inspire and empower people. The video was shot at L.A’s gay pride festival where the 21-year old singer performed and served as grand marshall. Demi thought of bullies and LGBT community who are constantly scrutinized.

“It’s awesome when you see thousands of people just being themselves, being who they are.It was so fitting for this music video”.

Really Don’t Care, the 4th single off her album Demi, is now available.for download on iTunes.