Del Monte Fit ‘n Right chooses Alyssa Valdez as their newest Ambassador


Del Monte Fit ‘n Right chooses Alyssa Valdez as their newest Ambassador. It started with a silhoutte post of their newest ambassador. They followed it with blurred photos and several posts revealing more clues, making their followers and fans guessing everyday.

And today, June 17, 2014, they finally revealed their newest Ambassador, Alyssa Valdez.

Del Monte Fit 'n Right chooses Alyssa Valdez

Alyssa ‘The Phenom’ Valdez, a 21-year old multi-awarded athlete and a Psychology student is the Team Captain of Ateneo De Manila University Women’s Volleyball Team. She is UAAP 76 Best Scorer, Best Server, Finals MVP and Season MVP. She is considered one of the best volleyball players in the country today. A lot of people admire her not just for her fit physique but also for her athletic prowess and outstanding volleyball skills. And what makes her supporters love her more is her humility, her genuine smile and her big heart. She remains grounded despite the popularity she gets in the collegiate, national and international volleyball scene.

She has, indeed, inspired many people. She has sparked the interest of many young girls who dream of a career in sports.

And so I guess many would agree that it is a fitting choice for Del Monte Fit ‘n Right to pick her as their newest ambassador.

Del Monte Fit ‘n Right chooses Alyssa Valdez | Her fit and healthy body jives with her character and sweet personality which truly represents Fit’n Right. She will continue to inspire people not only to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle but also to live a life with humility and face the world with a strong heart.

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Fit ‘n Right is a refreshing drink with L-carnitine and GCE to help you lose fat and step up to a fitter lifestyle.

Check out Alyssa and her abs in Fit ‘n Right’s newest TVC! Here’s the video.