Daniel Radcliffe Surprises Fans, Watch Them Freak Out

Daniel Radcliffe surprised his fans following a screening of his new movie, “What If”.

These group of people thought they will just be doing an interview about the actor’s new movie.

But they got the shock of their life. BuzzFeedVideo had arranged for Daniel to be there and surprise them.

While being interviewed, Daniel popped out on their side to greet them.

“I’m Dan. This was a designed act of deception, and I’m sorry for that,” Radcliffe joked as he shook an audience member’s hand.

And the reactions from them were just amazing. They screamed, they laughed and smiled. They were squealing and they kept yelling “Oh my God”.

They were all very lucky. Not only they had the chance to see Daniel face to face, but they all got Daniel Radcliffe’s hugs!